Hey guys! I’m so excited to announce this awesome giveaway collab on instagram!

10 incredibly talented Boss Babes have joined together to give you a chance to win a SUPER sacred toolkit worth $1600! Honestly I’m a little green with envy about these prizes. Someone is getting the BEST early Christmas gift this year!

The winner will receive a custom 8 page ebook design, a business coaching session with oracle card pull, a soul plan and business name report, a sacred blessing kit, a smudging spray, a gratitude workbook, a Cultivating Calm book and intention bracelet, a Lunar Intentions Workbook, a Spirit Cats oracle deck, a mug and 3 greeting card set.

To Enter please go to my instagram page and enter on the post! Winner will be announced on Thursday Nov. 30th so hurry over there and enter before it’s too late!

Check out all the amazing prizes below!

From Coral Antler Creative

You’ve put together a genius new creation, a valuable and inspirational resource that has the power to truly transform lives. And youre just about ready for the big reveal, except right now your amazing e-book is still sitting on your desktop…in a word doc. You feel me?
Maybe you have no clue where to even start (Do you use Acrobat? What the heck is InDesign?).

You Tried to DIY it – but can’t seem to get the look you want (and not for lack of trying)

Or you Hired a designer….but feel like it’s still not quite up to par.
But no matter your reason, this unfinished, unpolished eBook is frustrating and disheartening (and so stressful not even a 20-minute meditation sesh can take your mind off it.)

Because you better than anybody KNOW that if you want people to treat you like a professional, you need to LOOK like a professional.
But doing it all yourself? Is a total pain in the as-ana.

Bring your soul-baring sentences to life with stunning, professional eBook design by Coral Antler Creative, for FREE!

✿ With this prize you will get: ✿
✿ A gorgeous, professionally-designed PDF e-book that’s on-point and on-brand
✿ A stunning eBook cover design to catch reader’s eyes right from the get-go
✿ One image of your eBook cover shown on an iPad or computer (for use on your sales page, promotions and so much more)
✿ An easy and painless experience from beginning-to-end


from Sage Gypsea

Win a set of 3 Handmade ONE OF A KIND stationery cards. Blank on the inside so they are perfect to have on hand for any occasion! Each card comes packaged with care in a cellophane sleeve and includes a colorful patterned envelope!

Our ‘Magic in a Mug’ mug is sure to brighten your desk and just possibly make biz magic happen when it’s filled with your favorite hot beverage! 😉


From Amber Chalus

Cultivating Calm: A step by step guide to finding peace in the middle of a Crazy Busy World by @amberchalus and #TheLiberatedWoman Calm, Confident & Free Bracelet by @alexkathlyn

In it you’ll discover 21 simple rituals for rest and relaxation to stay rested, feel peaceful and be more YOU, without leaving paying for an expensive flight to Bali or leaving your entire life behind.


From Jessica Blanche 

Have a million ideas but don’t know which one to jump on?

Not sure if you’re hearing your intuition or fear/ego?

Not sure what you’re truly passionate about or who you even are anymore?

No more hustling, forcing, and being someone you’re not. Jessica will help you get clear, get real, and get results

Jessica is an intuitive coach and use clairsentience and claircognizance to help you align with your truth. She FEELS what’s authentic to you and KNOW which steps you should take next.

Win a 45 minute intuitive business coaching session with oracle card pull from Jessica Blance along with the other prizes!


From Sage and Sea Apothecary 

Do you notice how your mood drastically shifts when you’re stuck talking with a Negative Nancy, and how you immediately feel like you’re taking on her problems? (No offense, Nancy!)
What do you do to protect yourself so you don’t get sucked into the vortex of negativity?
It’s easy to go about your day not realizing the subtle energies you’re picking up from the people and places you come into contact with.
Smudging with sacred herbs is an ideal way to cleanse yourself and your surroundings, but when that’s not an option this smokeless smudging spray is the perfect alternative.
It incorporates pink Himalayan sea salt, which is known to aid in purifying and positively charging the air to remove any bad vibes and negative energy. The carefully combined essential oil blend in this spray was crafted together to harness its ability to raise energetic vibrations and will work to balance, ground, and center you while promoting a calm and peaceful environment. It has a sweet and herbal scent.

If you find yourself feeling bogged down and overwhelmed by the energy around you and desire to ditch the bad vibes and uplift yourself and the energy in your home, office, car, or sacred space, Bye-Bye Bad Vibes Smokeless Smudging Spray is just what you need! This is the perfect product to set the stage for a powerful meditation practice or to banish any bad vibes you picked up throughout the day.


From Ghost Kitten

I created this deck of 48 inspirational cards to bring you peace, connection, and clarity. Each card consists of a hand-painted Spirit Cat printed on one side and a unique healing message on the other. These Spirit Cats come straight from my heart and imagination.
Let them into your heart and they will bring you playful and sweet inspiration each day.
• See a situation or yourself in a new light
• Find healing during emotionally challenging times
• Get clarity and make confident decisions
• Connect with your dreams and desires
• Be more playful and creative
• Create a simple and peaceful daily ritual


From The Brainy Babe

15-20 pages

Stop the Triggers: Mindful Communication for Spiritpreneurs is a digital workbook, reference guide, and toolkit for spiritpreneurs who want to up their communication skills and protect themselves from triggering words and phrases. The workbook comes with exclusive content, including guided meditations and introspective self-care tools!


From Inked Goddess

Open the energy flow of your business with the help of the Business Opportunity Set from Inked Goddess Creations. This set contains:

~ 3 Pack of Opportunity Votive Candles in Bergamot and Patchouli blend
~ Road Opener Spell Oil

~ Dragon’s Blood Sage Wand for cleansing and adding power to your sacred space

~ Carnelian Orgonite Necklace for Motivation, Creativity and Vitality

The Opportunity Votive Candle is red in color and a blend of Bergamot and Patchouli oils. It has been specially created to help open opportunities in your life.

Other uses could include:
~Open doorways to new paths
~Remove obstacles from existing path
~Motivate one to create change

The Road Opener Oil is a blend of Orange, Dragon’s Blood, Sage and Cinnamon oils with Sage and Sandalwood herbs added in. This oil is perfect for helping remove obstacles in your way and opening the path before you. It is also good for anointing candles and wearing during work, job interviews, or anywhere you need a little boost of obstacle-crushing power. It is blended in a base of Apricot Kernel oil, which is safe to use on skin. These blends are perfect as a candle dressing, to use in a bath before a spell working or ritual, to anoint objects to help in your spell, or to dot onto the skin to help center before a working. The success charm can be dressed with the oil and worn or carried in a mojo bag to help increase your road opening energy even more!

Dragon’s Blood adds power and energy to any spellworking, ritual, or intention setting. Burning the sage wand helps remove negative energy from your sacred space, and the dragon’s blood coating empowers your cleansing ritual.

Orgonites help transform negative energy into positive energy. The Carnelian Orgonite Necklace can be worn to help create a balanced, positively charged aura, and the carnelian gemstone helps give energy of motivation, vitality and creativity to the wearer.


From Ankhren

Ever wish someone would hand you a ‘pilot-guide’ to your life that not only clearly outlines the challenges you experience (even the ones you keep neatly locked away in your heart), but also lays out exactly what to do to reach your goals + align with your most soul-satisfying path?

You have?! Well, you’ll be sayin’: “Thank-Goddess-my-looong-search-for-purpose-and-meaning-is-over!”, with these 2 fully personalized Soul Plan reports designed to give you essential insights into how-to-do this life + Spiritpreneur thing ‘right’!

Soul Plan Report (Value: $235) – Derived from the sound vibration of your birth name + lovingly prepared/presented, this is your go-to-guide for creating a life that’s in alignment with your Soul’s intentions, from now until forever. Inside you’ll discover: your Soul’s zone of genius, major life themes (including your ‘Soul Destiny’), major limiting beliefs, plus healing affirmations + guidance.
Business Name Report (Value: $75) – You’re a savvy Spiritpreneur so it’s a total no-brainer you naturally want to be sure your vibe is attracting your tribe. This nifty report will take you waaay beyond conventional marketing wisdom cos it understands your biz is an energetic extension of you + your Soul gifts. You’ll discover if your biz name is a vibrational match with your Soul gifts + purpose, so you can focus on sharing your special kind of magic with the world + building your abundantly successful Soul-led empire!

So, are you ready to discover what your Soul has in store just for you?


From Bella Deluna

Lunar Intentions is a book, workbook, and journal all in one designed to help you connect with your own inner power and intuition through the magic of the Moon.
Inside Lunar Intentions you will:

-Discover how to work with each phase of the Moon.
-Practice setting your very own New Moon intentions and creating rituals that spark your inner joy.
-Understand how to call in more abundance and release negativity using the lunar energies.
-Learn what each zodiac sign brings to the table when the Moon moves through it (and how to use that to your advantage!)

Workbook pages within include simple, yet straightforward, examples that guide you step by step on getting crystal clear on your goals, as well as how to craft those desires into manifestation gems, as well as practice pages for learning the art of New Moon intention setting. Also included are enough journal pages for tracking a year’s worth of New Moon intentions.

Tap into your own inner power, and move with the magic of the moon with Lunar Intentions.

See our original post on @coralantlercreative instagram to enter these sacred prizes!!



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