Ah, the milky way! I love to geek out on all things about our universe. And it doesn’t hurt that the cosmos are such beautiful eye candy.  Since I was a child, I’ve always loved viewing the stars and moon in the midnight sky. Those really clear nights when you can see peaks of the milky way are my favorite. Have you seen Cosmos on Netflix? Definitely recommend it. I can’t wait for season 2!

I created this colorful galaxy desktop background to mystify your computer screen. Enjoy!


Click on the link above for the full sized image

Right-click on the image and Set as Desktop Background (may need to save the image to computer first)

Please respect my work and do not share the full size document on your blog/website. This is for personal use only and not for resell of any kind. All artwork is copyright and belongs to Coral Antler Creative/Jennifer Birge. I offer these freebies to my audience as my gratitude for your support. Please don’t abuse it. ❤


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