I don’t know about you, but having an inspiring space to work in is so beneficial to my creative process. I love having a cozy space that helps keep me motivated to create beautiful designs. I will be doing my own home office tour very soon but for now you can check out my office on my Instagram here. I’ve pulled together a few unique home offices that I’m so in love with right now to inspire you to spruce up your own space! Let’s get inspired together…

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Eva Blacks new studio is sooo beautiful! Definitely one of my favs for obvious reasons. So natural! You can see her entire office on west elm. (click image)

This one inspired a lot of my own office space. The coziness is so appealing.

Huge raw wooden desk, sign me up!!


I’ve been loving these spaces for a while now and it’s the main reason I got my office globes. Such a small space but the pieces they chose are so inspiring!

Oh the earthy goodness! Loving the natural hippy vibe here.

This one is just oozing with Vitamin D! and Those colors! Loving the mix between arts and crafts and work.

I would love to see your home office! Either comment with your link or tag me on your Instagram post so I can check it out! @coralantlercreative




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