Hello my name is Jennifer and I’m a font-a-holic.

I collect two things. Geodes and fonts. I will confess that I have so many fonts that it crashes my Photoshop if I have them all installed at once! As a designer you can never have enough fonts though, no shame here. 🙂

My current crush is on handwritten scripty fonts. Creative Market has the best fonts and I love supporting small businesses so it’s a win-win. I buy ALL of my graphics and 99% of my fonts from Creative Market. I also have my shop there and am slowly transitioning my business to make premades full time. Don’t worry, I’m still taking new clients. 😉 These links are affiliates — I share their content so much I figured, hey, why not make some cash sharing things I already share all the time right?

I’ve come up with my top 14 favorite fonts this month to share with you guys. So here it goes —

Black Diamond – my very very favorite for obvious reasons. ❤ ❤



Garden Grown Font Duo – love love love!! ❤



Olive Sky ❤



Sunfast – I love the messiness of this one. Perfectly imperfect. ❤



Stone Harbour ❤ Love all Nicky Laatz fonts!



FoxGlow – So raw. I love fonts that don’t look like uniformed fonts! ❤



Bluelight – Love how this one feels like real handwriting and not a font. ❤



Into The Wild – This one is so edgy, would be great for outdoorsy graphics. ❤



Little Fox – Would be great for a childrens company. ❤



Weyouth – This one reminds me of my own handwriting. Love it! ❤



Evertype – Love the Boho tribal style but still looks hand drawn! ❤



Wosser – Love the feel of this one! ❤



Berow – This one has options for messy and not-so-messy which I love! ❤



Brightlight – This one has that popular font feel but still has some uniqueness so it doesn’t feel like the fonts everyone else is using too. ❤


So there you have it. I tend to like the fonts that aren’t trending yet and are more unique. I definitely have noticed that when I choose a font for my branding it quickly becomes everyone’s favorite. I’m on my second ‘new’ font for my logo and it’s now everywhere. But that’s OK, it just means I have great taste. 😉

I hope this post has inspired you and given you some new font ideas for your future projects!

Got a font you love that’s not on the list? Share in below!


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