I’m not going to lie, I had a love/hate relationship with this site. When Lisa and I started this project it was before I decided to move across the country to Wisconsin. My life became very stressful, VERY fast. We literally had 30 days to pack, find a place to live, and a million other things we didn’t have enough time to do. When we started the project I was clear about what I would design for the site but by the time I moved I had become very ill and had little to no creativity, which is not like me AT ALL. I started to feel ‘not normal’ on a daily basis but I couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong, I just kept trying to push through it but it wasn’t going away. It was getting worse.

I created a site for Lisa that neither of us were proud of, which was a first for me. I know that this project was meant for me because Lisa is a nutritionist and I desperately needed her help to heal my body. I asked for her advice on what to do because I had such severe dizziness and brain fog that I could barely focus to work. She pretty much knew exactly what was wrong and within a week I had a couple days of the “zone”, just long enough to re-design the most beautiful site I think I’ve ever created. Now I have a love/love/love relationship with her site!

She is now my nutritionist and is helping me to heal my auto immune issues and has pin pointed exactly what’s going on with my body and how to heal it. I feel so much better and I have my creativity back! I still have a long way to go because real healing takes time, but I’m so glad she found me and was so patient through all of my health chaos. Every ones paths cross for a reason. She has been my earthly angel. ❤




You can visit her site here:


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