Today was not ideal. It starts like this…

We decided to go into the city, almost an hour drive, so I could get a few things I’ve been pining over for a few weeks now.

1. a full heated massage pad

2. a foot massager

3. a tibetan singing bowl

I did research on the massagers online for about 20 minutes before we left to make sure I knew which one I wanted. Knowing that Bed, Bath, and Beyond has their massage chairs on display (mostly because me and my bestie would often get coffee and go get our massage on lol), I knew I could test them out before I decided to make such a large purchase.

I was STOKED to finally get these so I could get a massage while working, Imagining how much these would improve my days at the computer. Then we arrived, and the “stoked-ness” dissipated quickly.

They had NO test massagers, Just a disappointing shelf with everything in the boxes. Being that we live so far from the city it wasn’t as easy as picking one and bringing it back for another if it didn’t work with my body. I asked the employee why they didn’t have any testers like every other store I’ve ever been in and she didn’t have an answer. I was ready to drop $300+ on massage products before we got there, but honestly, by that point, I was MORE than annoyed. So instead of purchasing something in the hopes that it would be awesome without being able to test it out first, I ended up saying, “fuck it, let’s go. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.” I’d rather go to Brookstone and spend more money just because they have products to test out before I decide what I want to buy.

So you’re probably thinking, what does this rant have to do with marketing MY business?

If you’re not giving away free content or “testers” so to speak, how will someone know if they want to work with you – A.K.A. drop the big bucks on what YOUR offering? Testers could be anything from informative blog posts showing you know your shit, videos, ebooks and optins, free webinars, free courses, your portfolio, customer reviews, etc. Basically all that up front “stuff” is helping your potential clients decide if they can trust you and what you can offer them verses someone else that makes it easier for them.

Would you buy a car without test driving it first or reading the reviews online to make sure it’s the right car for you? Probably not.

Professionalism, trust, and authenticity, is everything when your trying to attract your ideal clients as a soulpreneur.

FYI – A soulpreneur is someone who is living their soul purpose and joyfully making money doing it.

On a similar note, If you make it too hard for someone to find what their looking for on your site they aren’t going to stay their long, definitely not long enough to get you the sale and make that connection. Having clear and easy direction on your site with links to your freebies is going to help you more than you think. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on someones site and ended up saying “fuck this” (my moto with unnecessary BS) and clicking off because I couldn’t find something, it was taking too long to load, or there were way too many clicks and directions to just grab a freebie or get on their mailing list.

Making things as easy as possible for your peeps is the way to go. If you aren’t sure if your site is easy to navigate, ask for specific advice from your biz tribe (if you’re ballzy you could ask someone that IS your ideal client). Like “is my site user friendly to you?” “Can you find things easily or is it confusing, what is confusing specifically?” Etc.

I’ll go over why having a cohesive brand helps you nail down your ideal client in a later post, that’s a whole `nother loaded topic. 😉

I hope this has been an eye opener to you if you’re someone that’s been slacking on giving. It might just be the missing piece to your business success.


P.S. If you were wondering about the singing bowls they ended up being sold out. I was frustrated but the trip wasn’t a complete waste because this post came from my experience. Always find the silver lining.

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