Here are my top 9 reasons why you should take that leap and invest in a website for your business.


1.Your competition has a website, and you don’t. You need to keep up with others in your field. Or better yet, ahead of them. Don’t get left in the digital dust when you are


2. You can be yourself. You don’t need permission from your boss, because you are the boss! In personal brands, you want to show your personality and be authentically you. Have you ever gone to a website and instantly felt a certain way? What better way to show your vibe with a website that reflects just that.


3. You only have social media accounts. No matter how amazing your Facebook/instagram is, you need a “home” for your packages and a place for clients to purchase those packages. A place for you to direct them to after you’ve caught their attention on your social media when they have questions or want more info. I constantly get asked questions on social media that I have to direct them to my website for because that’s where they get all the deets. What if Facebook suddenly decides it no longer wants to support businesses? Guess you’re screwed. If you are searching for something on google, do you EVER see someone’s facebook or instagram link come up with the results? Rarely. It’s always their website or blog. If you launch a media campaign, new offerings, or have online merchandise, where do you lead them to? The answer should be your website.

4. More clients. More Than 2 Billion People Use the Internet every day. It’s not always about social media. I’ve had people find me through google and other searches. Guess where that search directs them? Nope not facebook, my website.


5. Show off. I constantly have clients tell me that they aren’t embarrassed to give the link to their website anymore after working with me. By having your own website, you have control over how it looks, what it does, and where it goes, along with everything else inside it. What better feeling than having people compliment you’re website and actually taking pride in what you do because you have a kick ass site to show off.


6. You want to look more professional. Potential clients are looking for what you sell. You know when you go into a store and something doesn’t have a price tag and you don’t want to ask so you just don’t buy it? That happens with your business as well. Having a website with packages and all the information they need at their fingertips is going to make you have a professional appeal online and they’re much more likely to do business with you.


7. Instant credibility. It’s like having that verified sticker on your social media accounts. When you have a professional kick ass website, with kick ass copy, people instantly feel confident about working with you.


8. Your website runs itself. Your website runs 24/7. People get instant access to what you offer and can even purchase from you while you sleep. Seriously, make money while you sleep? Do you really need another reason?


9. Educate your clients with a blog. Show your credibility for what you are offering by giving potential clients free tips they can always go back to and check out on your blog. Not to mention it’s great for SEO. Blog posts are more likely to show up in searches which leads people back to your site, yay!


So…Can you find a reason why you’re business shouldn’t have a website? If you found yourself nodding yes at any of the above, then it’s time to invest in your brand, in YOU. Not sure where to start? If you vibe with my style fill out my website questionnaire to get a free quote.

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